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Join our Bowling Club! Free!The Wisdom Light® Recommended Links & Resources

Welcome, Dear Guests, to The Wisdom Light’s Resource Directory. We are honored to have you with us and would like to share with you the following links. We provide them as a service to you and in support of conscious, honest businesses that strive to provide the highest quality products and services.

Each business, product, service included is known personally by Rev. Imara, whose own reputation has been established by her quality, integrity, and service. The Wisdom Light® trusts that the companies listed here uphold these same standards.

We also refer you to uncommon, non-profit sites of worthy causes that we support. Or, as Rev. Imara likes to call them, Crusaders in Service to the Planet and You.

Imara also offers professional assistance in the areas of Consulting with a Vision, Healing from the Heart, and Empowerment for Life.


ImaraSpeaksTM  Receive business and life manifestation advice from top ranking, internationally recognized Business Intuitive and Visionary Consultant Imara. Imara offers you a new column, free on-line, approximately every 4-6 weeks. Click on the ImaraSpeaksTM link for Imara’s column.

Read the columns, share them with friends/colleagues, and practice Imara’s advice for manifesting your dreams and living more consciously.


1 and 1 - Provider of domain registration and web site hosting.

Directory of Alternative Medicine - offers a categorized directory of 20,000+ Alternative Medicine websites, free Herbal Glossary search utility, and resources to promote Ayurveda remedies.

Check it out!


Wisdom Light Gems and Jewelry"Gifts from Heaven descended to Earth™" The Wisdom Light Gems and Jewelry™ offers premium quality, genuine precious and semi-precious gemstone gold, platinum and silver jewelry as well as loose cut gemstones and large mineral specimen pieces for home, office, discriminating collectors. This arm of our offerings grew out of Imara's recommendations to clients of gems for themselves or their homes to augment, remediate, clear and empower energies. Those clients could often not find the stone suggested or were expected to pay premium prices at retail for them. Wisdom Light Gems and JewelryAs a courtesy, Imara used her knowledge and connections in the gem and mineral mining, importing and manufacturing industry to obtain select pieces for her clients. The satisfaction of those clients and many more, as well as Imara's ability to obtain unique, stunning pieces of clean energy, exquisite design, craftsmanship and collectible quality at direct from miner, designer and manufacturer pricing has led to a blossoming and expansion of our offerings. Every single piece, every single gemstone is hand-picked in-person by Imara, for its energy and power, as well as its gemological integrity. Custom pieces, engagement and special occasion jewelry is also available by request, still at off-retail pricing.

Please know that while our pricing remains off-retail everyday, you actually receive premium, personalized and above-and-beyond individualized service. Imara often helps those selecting gifts by lending her renown intuitive talents to toward the perfect choice, as seen by some of the comments on our site. Gift registry "Wish Lists" are also kept for your convenience. Many husbands come to us time after time for years of birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, mother's days to choose from their partner's 'wish list' and are delighted with knowing it will be well-received, not returned and they save money in the meantime.

Except for this site, all jewelry is sold privately to known clients and/or at private parties and fundraiser events for various charities. Especially since The Wisdom Light® specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces, we have much more inventory available than what you see on our site (often pieces are sold before they can ever be listed). Please call if you don't see what you are seeking and we'll send you pictures.

Let us help you raise funds for your Charitable Organization or sponsor an event where your friends can delight in obtaining beautiful treasures at a savings and experience a Chakra Balancing through the gemstones.

Make someone's wish come true, reward yourself with a piece of power and light, help your friends/associates save money while raising funds for your charity. Contact us to ask how!

 (Non-profit organizations)
(In case you are wondering why the organizations and sites below are provided but not directly linked, it is because of how search engines work. Outgoing, non-reciprocal links can hurt our site ranking and your ability to find us. However, we wish to spread the word about the good works these organizations are attempting and wish to let you know about their existence.)

Cleaning for a reason supports women undergoing cancer treatmentCleaning For A Reason
SUPPORT for women undergoing cancer treatment (ANY KIND OF CANCER). Cleaning for a Reason provides FREE housecleaning to a woman while she is in treatment - once per month for 4 months. All she has to do is sign-up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment and Cleaning for a Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service. This organization serves the entire USA and currently has hundreds of partners to help these women.


Seal Beach Animal Care Center Kittie Imara has found a loving home, but there are plenty of wonderful other feline friends in need of your love and conscious home.

In 1988 Imara was given visions of earth and socio-political prophecies. One of the signs for which she was shown to look was the status of the big cats in the wild. At that time, she desired to one day create a non-profit foundation to help save the big cats. Well, the folks below are doing that. Let us work to support the Big Cats, and all creatures in the wild.

Oregon Tiger Sanctuary  The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary (OTS) is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of exotic and endangered species. Created as a safe haven for abused, neglected and abandoned exotic animals, OTS provides a permanent and loving home to many species including tigers, lions, black leopards, cougars, a wide variety of primates as well as numerous domestic dogs and cats. OTS is also dedicated to educating the human species about the endangered ones of our planet and the issues they face in captivity and in the wild.

The Cougar Fund  “Protecting America’s Greatest Cat.” Recently co-founded by Jane Goodall and Tom Mangelsen in 1999, the mission of The Cougar Fund is to protect the mountain lion in its present and future range for perpetuity and for all generations to come. It’s worth the visit to this site just to see the spectacular photography of renown wildlife photographer, Tom Mangelsen! Of course, it’s an excellent source of the latest developments, laws, problems and articles related to saving this most precious and majestic creature in a successful and continuing eco-system and has some excellent links to educational and related sites.

The Mountain Lion Foundation  “Protecting California’s Mountain Lions.” In addition to the general news, updates and education provided on this website, you can purchase unique mountain lion gifts in support of the foundation and check out their kids education information. Once the predator with the largest range in the world, its presence spread across both continents of the western hemisphere, the Mountain Lion, Panther, Cougar, Paint, Ghost Panther, is now reduced to an extremely limited and daily decreasing range in the Western United States and SW Canada.

The Tiger Foundation  Everything you ever wanted to know about these most magnificent and most misunderstood creatures. A great educational site for you and your kids, but most importantly, this home of The Tiger Foundation, founded by one child’s concern, exists to help prevent the extinction of wild tigers through cost-effective, pragmatic and hands-on field programs.

Tiger Missing Link Foundation  Saving tigers one-by-one, big cat welfare and education. A non-profit 501c3 organization for Big Cat Welfare and Tiger Education. Free on-line newsletter; great photos of these majestic creatures, classroom/education aids. Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, the Tiger Learning Center, and work to save tigers from extinction and conserving genetic diversity of the species.