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Quartz Crystal Bowls

Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls Outstanding quality bowls in Chakras 1-8, Atlantean Wands™ (Handled Quartz Singing Bowls), Unique one-of-a-kind bowls and mini-sets.

Chakras 1 through 8
Atlantean Wands
Unique Bowls/Sets

Crystal Bowl & Pyramid Cases

Crystal Bowl Cases

Sturdy, Crystal Bowl and Pyramid Storage and Carrying Cases for your crystal bowls, pyramids and gongs.

Crystal Bowl Cases Crystal Bowl Cases

Quartz Singing Pyramids

Quartz Singing PyramidResonating pure quartz crystal with the power of sacred geometry.

Quartz Singing Pyramids Quartz Singing Pyramids

Books & Music

Books & MusicThe Wisdom Light™ selected CDs & books to support your Chakra-tuned™ crystal bowl work.

Books Music CDs

Crystal & Bowl Accessories

crystal accessoriesCrystal & Bowl Accessories - Elegant, Powerful, Amplifying.

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Bowls of Abundance,
Bowls of Celebration,
Bowls of Harmony,
Bowls of Light

Autumn Crystal Bowl in Sunlight  Wedding Celebration

The Wisdom Light Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
are made of only the highest quality raw materials,
play easily and with superior resonance, include our
exclusive cruelty-free, shed-free strikers,
and are provided with unsurpassed customer service.

We thank you for your patronage and worldwide referrals that have supported our continued growth for 20 years and allowed us to not only maintain, but lower prices despite increasing costs during the last decade.

We wish you a most abundant harvest season and much for which to be grateful in your lives.

We stand ready to help you fulfill your holiday shopping and wish lists for loved ones, business associates, honored teachers...

In harmony,

The Wisdom Light, LLC
Lakewood, Colorado  USA

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Did you know our on-line ordering is secure?
Our regular, repeat customers do. They enjoy the security of trusting Wisdom Light for:

  • Premium quality
  • Value pricing
  • Above-and-beyond personalized service
  • Immediate shipping by Fedex
  • AND safe on-line ordering!

"Making it easy for you to heal, helps all of us heal"
- Imara
, Founder/President, The Wisdom Light,
Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Top Psychic as featured in
US News and World Report, 100 Top Psychics in America,
and media around the world.

  Words of Praise, from yet another Satisfied Customer  
I saw and heard of quartz crystal bowls for the first time while I was in a store and knew I had to have one someday. Thank you soo much for making it affordable
- LT, Virginia Beach

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What one of our holiday clients said:

"We returned home from several appointments at about 1:00 PM local time. As we were listening to your message, the front doorbell rang - FEDEX with the bowl. It is beautiful, as is the Atlantean pillow. While we plan to let the bowl stabilize in temperature, we couldn't avoid one short wonderful activation. Linda and I are convinced that this is just what we really wanted as a gift to ourselves-together for the holiday season. Thank you very much for your help and responsiveness. We know that there is something special about you. Joy to you and yours, Alan & Linda"

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